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inez-ashworthI’m Inez, a cultural innovator, a powerful influencer, a dynamic leader and a trusted advocate. In grade school I was often the one standing up to the bully, the one making friends with the new kid, the one who had a different hairstyle and occasionally wore orange and red together. I still do.

It’s true. Not much has changed. I still have my own unique style and my life and career have been dedicated to working for equality and social justice, bringing people together and creating inclusive environments where everyone feels able to be their own unique self. For me, empowering people to be their authentic selves is what true leadership is about and it’s also how organizations can keep employees inspired and engaged. I can help.

I’ve been a leader in the Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging (ID&B) space for more than 20 years. I specialize in ID&B assessments and the design and implementation of ID&B programs and policies for organizations of all sizes. I have a lot of tools in my belt, including the ability to facilitate impactful workshops and dynamic employee events in all areas of ID&B and to lead organizations in the implementation of Employee Resource Groups.

Much of my energy and inspiration comes from community work, volunteering and mentoring. Giving back to the community is how I recharge. Today, I sit on the Calgary Police Department’s Anti-Racism Action Committee. I am an advocate for the next generation as part of several Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging councils and committees, and in partnership with post-secondary institutions, I mentor minority students at risk of dropping out of school.

I count myself lucky to be one of the people following their dreams. I truly believe this work is what I was always meant to do and I love seeing the positive impact it has on others. I’m living a life filled with creativity, energy and passion, and I bring these elements to every project I take on.


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